Weather Vane Maker - information page

The weather vane maker, Uwe Banitz, cuts the designs of the Original Rostocker Weather Vane out of 2-3mm thick stainless steel sheets V2A by using a laser. This ensures that our weather vanes are absolutely weather-resistant and forever rust free. All connections and assemblies are WIG-soldered.

The mounting of the stainless steel weather vanes, with highly wear-resistant polymer plastic, ensures that the weather vane even rotates with light wind. No ball bearings but a high end sleeve bearing which never has to be changed. The hinge bearing in the standpipe allows your weather vane to be positioned slightly perpendicular and to readjust itself. No creaks or squeaks with your stainless steel Original Rostocker  Weather Vane.

Give your design the desired surface:

  • glass bead blasted
  • polished (39€ additional charge)
  • bare metal
  • marbled (39€ additional charge)

Blasted surfaces can be varnished or powdered in a colour of your choice, upon request, for a fair additional charge.

You can receive the weather vane in two sizes:
Middle size - size of your design approximately 40cm
E.g. for garden houses, tool sheds, car ports or your house.

Large size: size of your design approximately 60cm
E.g. for home, commercial property, community centre or small company

You can order our stainless steel weather vanes here.