Steel and Stainless Steel Braziers

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Our braziers are hand-crafted and therefore always unique with one of a kind visual appearance and high quality.

The steel braziers are coated with a thermal finish. Your Original Rostocker Brazier will inevitably last a small eternity, with the correct usage, due to the fact that we use huge steel sheets for the fabrication of the brazier. No thermal deformation - permanent functionality!

Whether for tranquility and reflection, a campfire atmosphere, social barbeque evenings or even to burn your garden debris.

Optionally available are the following:

  • Barbeque grate
  • Lid
  • Grill arm
  • Spark box
  • Glowing grill
  • Swing barbecue with grate and chainkit

You can determine the size of your brazier. The standard delivery of the brazier is Ø 50 cm & Ø 95 cm. All other sizes can be delivered for an appropriate extra charge. We appreciate your understanding that the diameter, however, has to be limited to a maximum of 200cm.

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